St. Kitts Government Continues Water Rationing

The St. Kitts government has announced yesterday that they will continue with their water rationing. According to the government, this season has had a significant reduction in rainfall which has forced their hand.

The St. Kitts Ministry of Public Infrastructure announced interruptions of water service commencing at 9pm each day and will resume at 5.30am the following morning. The water will not be turned off during weekends.

Depending on your location, you may lose water at different times throughout the night due to the majority of the water system in St. Kitts being gravity based.

The simplest way to help is to reduce your usage in water, here are some tips how:

  • Fill the wash basin with water instead of letting the tap continuously run
  • Use a dishwasher rather (a full dishwasher will actually use less water than washing dishes by hand with a running tap)
  • Take shorter showers
  • Report or fix leaky taps
  • Toilets can be major water waster. A running or leaky toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water per day, that’s 6000 gallons per month
  • Avoid using sprinklers during the day but rather use them early in the morning or in the evening
  • Wash your vehicle with a bucket of water rather than a running hose

If any of our tenants have a leaky or running toilet or leaky faucet, please create a ticket in the portal and we’ll fix the issue as soon as possible.

The government of St. Kitts has apps and a relatively large social media presence to notify the public of issues, here are some important links:

There are also apps for ios and android for monitoring services like electricity and even an app for the portal.

Water is life, especially on a small island like ours. We’re all responsible for the conservation of this precious commodity.