St. Kitts Water Services Advises Of Severe Dry Season

In St. Kitts, our Public Water Supply is 100% dependent on rainfall. According to information from our Meteorological Services, so far for 2021 (Jan-April) we have received a total of approximately 6 inches of Rainfall. In 2020 for the same period, we received a total of 12 inches; the long term (climatological) average for this period is 15 inches. We have therefore received half of the rainfall we received last year and a third of what is typical or normal.

This translates to a Severe Dry Season or Drought. The Water Services Department has been doing our best to cope with this lack of rainfall. We are now asking all citizens/residents to do their part to conserve what little water we have:

Starting immediately:

(1) Check your premises for any leaks and have them repaired immediately.

(2) Report any suspected leaks to the Water Services Department (467-1005/467-1447) or 664-9119

(3) Persons caught watering grass/lawn will be disconnected from the Public Supply.

(4) Avoid the use of hoses to wash vehicles and buildings; use a bucket

(5) Certain non-domestic users of water will be limited

(6) Please monitor your usage of water and be as conservative as practicable.

The co-operation of all is greatly appreciated. We regret any inconvenience which may be due to the periodic interruption in supply as a result of low storage in our reservoirs.

For more information regarding the Water Services Department, contact the Communications Officer, Che-Raina Warner at 467-1464.

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