St. Kitts comes out of lockdown and announces new, lightened, travel and quarantine restrictions

On June 11 2021 the government announced a 2 week curfew/lockdown – a light version of the full lockdown that was later imposed on June 26.

St. Kitts has now exited the lockdown and the government has announced the reopening of the country with new, lighter, travel restrictions to compete with other islands in the Caribbean.

Shortened quarantine period

The St. Kitts government has announced that quarantine periods for fully vaccinated returning nationals and residents have been shortened to 3 days with a negative PCR test before their arrival into St. Kitts.

A second test is administered on the 4th day and with a negative PCR result they can be released from quarantine.

The original mask rules are still in effect.

St. Kitts still in curfew

Though the country is now open for business and to the public, a general curfew is still in effect. Curfew begins at 9pm and ends the following day at 5am.

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